YEAH..i don’t wanna talk about my ex or shits in my life or how different I’m and shits like that… 

This is all bout a thought just to make 1 good thing “ond olle kelsa ” 

Well the thing is.. I read about an entrepreneur from Bangalore who makes and create bags made of natural resources and it can be disposed reused and can be fed to cattle too..  

The interesting part of this bag is it looks just like another plastic bag and can withstand min flexure need indeed,may be it is not replaceable as in large extent but still it’s hold it’s card in Market 

So what’s is this all about..  We just think OK plastic can’t be disposed so problem for us..  It’s quite accurately dangours more than u think like we have SOLID WASTE,INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL WASTE and huge more number of disposal problems 

So here I brings a hands up for those ideas and recall one in practice more realistically and corporately ..we all are unconvinent with urbanisation in some manner.. Yes there is a hope for smart city but I believe it’s still a long way to go,so we can adopt step by step devlomennt in traditional manner with technically enriched engineering to protect solid waste and use it’s disposals and utilize and maintain and create a new ecology.

I mentioned about ecology because life depends on it and we all depend on it.The protection of animal and other unspoken life on 🌍 earth will also play a buo roll in survival of human life.

GENERALY SPEAKING: we all live now a days in Urban life or some what connected to it in day today life so here is thing,in your home or house or room or banglo or commercial place just look back and calucalte how much food we waste I’m considering just the clean food only,do we eat all food in our plate? no Right at least most of us would waste food so it’s also a kind of semi solid waste here what’s the ideology is “3/4th OF OUR FOOD GOES WASTE AND 1/2 OF IT CAN BE UTILISED TO CREATING A NEW FRITILE SOIL” I hope u all might have now realised by now what I’m speaking food conservation and development of soil fertility yeah yes but it’s just a part of it well I can say you it’s pretty major part but there are alternatives so not to be sidelined here I propose “URBAN FOREST ” in simple words it’s a area where landfills are made and uponit ll be our artificially made ecology with maximum utilization of natural resources like what I said above we can use food wastes and create new fertile soil in a certain period of time,it can be used to grow and Create a new ecology

The ethical ideology will diverse itself in wide manner to contribute to MOTHER 🌍 EARTH like it can be a grassing of cattle to managing an non built up area and to make it an urban forest 

  1. So it looks simple but very huge stuff.. Like the land fills will create bi-product’s in the form of semi liquid and gases which are harmful seriously to human life so proper drain age and disposal need to be managed and protection of watertable and natural disasters will play a major roll.
  2. The URBAN FOREST can be a SEMI HABITATED life form area like for birds and small life I don’t believe in risking and Imbalencing our natural ecology by adopting a bigger life in this case
  3. The URBAN FOREST may be an alternative living area for animals and birds which are taken away from them but all built upareas for human development .
  4. The smell or technically gaese and flews can be minimumised
  5. It can be an artificially made forest 

Will be continued..


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